Active Parishioner
A parishioner can be defined as: “One who is registered for a sufficient period of time and actively participates in the liturgical/pastoral life of the parish through the generous, sacrificial and proportionate sharing of his or her God-given gifts of time, talent and treasure.”​​  

Parish Verification
We receive many requests from parishioners to qualify for "active parishioner status" for Marriages, Baptism, Catholic School admittance, to be godparents or sponsors for the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, or RCIA sponsor. Part of that request is to be able to verify that an individual is an "active parishioner" of St. Augustine Parish. 

Criteria to Becoming an Active Member of St. Augustine Parish
  • Properly registered (for at least a minimum of 3 months)  
  • actively participates in Mass each week and Holy Days of Obligation - preferably as a family
  • regularly participate in the sacramental life of the Church
  • supports their Parish financially
  • shares their talent within the parish community
The obligation to attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation is a serious one. This is not merely a matter of Parish policy. Divine law sets forth this expectation in the Third of the Ten Commandments, "Remember, thou, keep holy the Sabbath. "Exercising the "Power of the Keys" given to the Catholic Church in Peter by Christ, Himself, Canon Law states: "On Sundays and other Holy Days of Obligation, the faithful are bound to participate in the Mass;  they are also to abstain from those labors and business concerns which impede the worship to be rendered to God, the joy which is proper to the Lord's Day, or the proper relaxation of mind and body." ( Canon 1247)

Parents should also note that the expectations regarding Mass attendance do not apply simply to the Catholic parent or parents, but to the children and youth as well. All our children and youth, especially those attending Religious Education and Youth Ministry are expected to attend Mass faithfully. For in the Mass our souls and spirits are nourished and our minds enlightened by divine wisdom.

Each registered member must understand and appreciate our tithing responsibilities as Christian Stewards of God's blessings to us, and pray and commit to sharing them -- with a grateful heart -- through our time, talent and treasure -- procreating and sustaining a solid common good.
The monetary support of our church is an important aspect of Parish Finance. All are urged to use the envelope system or online giving. The use of envelopes is not primarily about money; the envelopes provide a record of Mass attendance. When the office staff is asked to certify active parishioners, they first look for frequency of envelope use, not the amount given. 
Let us remember, it is only through God’s love that we receive His gift of life. In the course of that gift of life, we are then the recipients of God’s varied grace and gifts. Through the Sacrament of Baptism, we are called to serve as God’s disciples, sharing, in gratitude and in love, the blessings He has bestowed on us.